I started taking drum kit lessons with Jack a couple of years ago. My current lessons are tailored around my interests in blues, soul, funk and jazz as well as a need to develop my music theory, aural & rhythm skills. Jack’s knowledge and enthusiasm while teaching have helped me work through some challenging material - in an enjoyable and supportive environment.

With Jack’s help, I passed my first Trinity College London music grade with distinction in October and that is why I highly recommend him as a drum teacher.
— Vanessa Hay (private student)

I teach drum kit both privately from home and on the Level 1 and Level 2 evening beginner courses at the London College of Creative Media. I am also happy to travel to students within London.

I teach all ages; my students currently range from the ages of eight up to sixty. Whether students are interested in learning hard rock, jazz or drum and bass, I cater for all tastes and respect each students musical direction, be it drumming as a fun hobby, or a serious pursuit.

I am also a workshop leader for Rhythmworks, the educational branch for Taiko drumming group, Taiko Meantime, teaching school and community groups as well as corporate team building workshops.

Teaching Philosophy

Music is an essential part of our society and culture and rhythm in its various forms make the world what it is. Our hearts beat in rhythm and the seasons change in rhythm. Studying music covers a wide range of topics in addition to just harmony and rhythm, including history, geography and maths. There is also an ever increasing amount of research that demonstrates music listening and performing engages and stimulates the brain like no other activity, producing lasting physical and mental health benefits.

When learning the drums, my aim is to provide a supportive and constructive learning environment, set realistic targets, help students discover new music, but most importantly to make sure students enjoy the learning process.

When I started learning the drums, I had a few idols I wanted to sound like but became frustrated when I couldn't play exactly like them. My first drum tutor simply told me I shouldn't aim to play exactly like them, for the simple reason that I wasn't them, I was me, so I should aim to be the best version of me. That said, I also learnt to be acutely aware of what made my favourite players great; their language, sound and technique and apply that to my own playing and learning, and this is rooted in my teaching.



£35 per hour (rate TBC if travelling to students house, depending on which zone in London).